Equality FC is already gathering supporters.

Our ‘Ambassadors’ are happy to publicly back us and throw their support behind gender pay equality.

Over the weeks and months, we’ll be adding their names to this Wall of Support…

Moya Dodd – Football Federation Australia; FIFA (2013-2017)

Moya Dodd

“Hats off to Lewes FC for their innovative and ambitious plan to remove the gender pay gap between their men’s and women’s teams. I believe that gender inequality will one day be looked at in the same way that we consider slavery or child labour today – a manifestly unfair and harmful habit of history that should have been broken long before it was.

Yes, the business of women’s sport is smaller. (Today)
Yes, the men have more viewers. (Today)
Yes, the men have more sponsors. (Today)

It’s hard to change history, but once Lewes FC shows it can be done, excuses start to morph into solutions, and who knows where it ends? Nelson Mandela said: it always seems impossible until it’s done.”