For pay equality in football, the world has just changed. Just a bit, but quite an important bit…

Lewes Football Club has drawn a line under gender pay inequality in football.

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Lewes FC has kicked off the 2017/18 season as the first pro or semi-pro club in the world to pay its women’s team the same as its men’s team – the same playing budget.

Gender pay inequality is still a big and stubborn problem, throughout the world and across all industries. And one industry that we suspect is not even thinking about the issue is FOOTBALL.

So Lewes Football Club has said that enough is enough…

Hopefully by now you’re asking yourself ‘What can I do next..?

Lewes FC Ownership offer
For just £30 a year, you can show your support. You’ll get regular updates as well as a nice metal badge, owner’s card and certificate.
The more funding we can gather behind this campaign, the more impact we can make on the gender pay equality issue. We welcome contact from companies big and small.